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Digital Annexe was a former Digital Agency based in Shoreditch, East London. I was the Lead Designer on the Mercedes Benz Account. Mercedes were initially looking for a Christmas gift app for Fleet drivers, Mercedes-Benz reached out to us for ideas. We quickly realised the Fleet audience would be more likely to respond to an app that would help them go about their working day, which soon led to the birth of the Mile Tracker app.

  • I led the core concept & design

  • I was supported by a junior from my team

  • Collaborated with engineers for technical feedback & ideation


How do we engage with existing and potential Mercedes-Benz Fleet drivers to increase brand awareness and loyalty, while also cementing Mercedes-Benz as leaders in the Fleet industry?


Our voyage into the Fleet market unearthed the key processes that Fleet drivers go through on a day-to-day basis, which we used to inform the features and functionality of the Mile Tracker app.


the Mile Tracker holds user experience at its heart, an intuitive spirit makes the app ideal for users with limited time. We achieved this through extensive prototyping, UX, and IA phases, to explore any areas where we could make the user journey even smoother.

  • Tracking and logging mileage and journeys

  • Finding petrol stations that accept Fuel Cards

  • Parked car locator

  • Parking ticket expiry time reminder

  • Logging and sending expense reports


The outcome was a full utility app for both Android and iOS that allowed fleet drivers to track and expense their mileage (manually or via GPS), record on-the-road expenses, find the nearest and cheapest petrol station, and manage their parking locations and duration. 


The Mile Tracker has proved itself to be more than a one-off novelty app, with 84% of visits being return visits. Beyond that, users are spending an average amount of time on the app to suggest it’s being used as an in-depth solution for Fleet drivers.

Causing some to turn green with envy, the Mile Tracker app seduced Microsoft into appealing to Mercedes-Benz UK to get the app onto their mobile platform too, even offering to help fund it. Others couldn’t help but be enthralled by the Mile Tracker’s gleam either, with global Mercedes-Benz markets requesting to have copies of the app made available for their countries too.


Glowing reviews poured in with a highlight from Business Car as they described the Mile Tracker as ‘genuinely useful’ and awarded it 5 stars in their comparison of car manufacturer Fleet offerings.

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